About Us

Qwerty is a blockchain thesis-driven fund with emphasis on long term value creation in the Open Finance and Open Web ecosystems. We invest in blockchain-based networks, tokens, companies and Web 3 infrastructure, including both publicly traded tokens and early-stage private offerings. We intend to also actively participate in networks through hosting, staking, and liquidity provision.


The indispensable era of Blockchain

Blockchain is just an additional stack in the architecture of internet, that retains all the great improvements and distributes value fairly across all participants in the ecosystem. It enables interesting new use cases through the transfer of value seamlessly, reduces friction in transactions to a significant degree and creates many automated processes.


Meet The Team

The blockchain space is evolving at breakneck speed. Our team hails from diverse backgrounds, giving us a competitive edge in staying ahead.

Venkat Ghanta

Fund Manager

Fadi Afa Al-Refaee

Portfolio & Risk Mgmt, Fund Raising

Ram Nikhil Dodda

Private Investments

Our Portfolio

These are the current investments in our portfolio. We continue to add and/or readjust our portfolio as the industry matures and new opportunities emerge.