The Team

The blockchain space is evolving at breakneck speed. Our team hails from diverse backgrounds, giving us a competitive edge in staying ahead.

Venkat Ghanta | Fund Manager

Venkat leads portfolio construction and thesis formation. Since starting the crypto journey in 2016 (Baring mining BTC & losing it in 2012), Venkat has attended multiple meetups, blockchain conferences and is an active community member in some of the major protocols. He has educated over 50 people on the Blockchain technology and mentored them on conducting personal investments. He actively manages a $1Mn+ personal portfolio, understands the complete stack of blockchain, current and upcoming projects that are addressing various missing pieces to make Blockchain as ubiquitous as the Internet and Smartphone. His prior experience includes working as a Financial Analyst at a bulge bracket bank and Biz Ops, Marketing at a large semiconductor company. Venkat holds degrees in business (where he was the portfolio manager for a $2M student managed investment fund) from ASU and engineering from IIT Madras. Outside of work, Venkat enjoys Karaoke, Archery and is always up for a challenge in Settlers of Catan, physically or Virtually!

Fadi Afa Al-Refaee | Portfolio & Risk Mgmt, Fund Raising

Fadi will oversee QWERTY’s fund operational strategy, manage portfolio trading activities and its compliance with its stated risk profile. With three expansion & contraction business cycles under his belt, including the rise of the internet in the early 90s, Fadi understands the fundamental shifts foundational technologies make and the signs they exhibit during their final push to mainstream adoption. With startup experience & over 20 years of product management in version ZERO to ONE products, he understands the challenges startups in the blockchain space face daily and how to discern which can best navigate them. Fadi coded machine learning algorithms two decades before that term became a buzzword and uses this knowledge to grow a seven-figure personal investment portfolio. Fadi got his electrical engineering degree from McGill University and an MBA from the Ivey Business School. He lives according to the motto: “The world is my country, all humans are my brethren, and to do good, that is my religion!”. He loves to build things!

Ram Nikhil Dodda | Private Investments

Ram leads our sourcing & analysis of early-stage deals and manages relationships with peer blockchain funds. He has been an active investor in the Blockchain space since 2019 with a focus on early-stage projects. His work experience includes product management roles with a proven record of building and shipping IoT products to millions of customers, and consulting state governments in India on startup initiatives. He holds an engineering degree from IIT Madras and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Outside work, Ram is an avid poker player and a passionate supporter of his home cricket team - Sunrisers Hyderabad.